Members Apparatus - Click on Images to Enlarge Members Apparatus - Click on Images to Enlarge 1975 Mack CF Snorkel Owner Kert Rosenkoetter<BR>Originally From Kirksville Fire Dept. <BR>Purchased In 1976<BR>Built By Pierce 26668556 1975 Mack CF Snorkel Owner Kert Rosenkoetter<BR>Truck Orginally From Kirksville Fire Dept.<BR>Purchased 1976<BR>Built By Pierce 26668539 1979 Ward Lafrance Ambassador Custom Pumper Owner Kert Rosenkoetter<BR>8V71 Detroit Deisel, Allison Automatic, Hale Pump 1250 GPM, Originally From Herkimer New York 26668540 1959 Howe Defender Owner Tom Robinson<BR> Originally From Lookout Mountain Tennesse 750 GPM Hale<BR>500 Gallon Tank<BR>602 Continental Engine 26668557 1961 Mack B 4 Door Sedan Pumper & 1936 Pirsch Pumper Owner Ron Herman<BR><BR>Truck Orginally From Tunbridge Vermont 26668560 Ron Herman Family of Trucks 26668564 Ron Hermans 1957 Seagrave 12 Cylinder 26668544 Ron Hermans 1957 Seagrave 26668587 Ron Hermans 1957 Seagrave 26668568 1942 Diamond T Pumper 4048867 Owner Don Wilbers<BR> Truck Origainally From St. Louis, Mo.<BR>Engine Co. 19 1942 to 1952<BR>Foam Company #2 1952 to 1960<BR>Manufactured by Central Fire Truck Company.<BR> 26668590 1939 Chevrolet T2348692 Owner Glenn Banz<BR> Truck Origianlly From St. Louis Fire Dept. 1952 to 1980.<BR>St. Louis Airport From 1939 to 1952 26668573 1931 Chevrolet Pumper 12LT6536 Owner Jack Holahan 26668576 1971 Pierce Pumper Owners Don and Rob Rebman<BR> Truck Originally From Lyon Illionis<BR> Last Papineau Volunteer Fire Department 26668580 1966 Mack C Class Pumper Owner Brian Eldridge<BR><BR>Truck Originally From Amarillo Texas 26668584 1950 Mack Owner Bill Griffin 26668607 Bill Griffins New Mack Action Shot Texas. 26668608 Bill Griffins New Mack Sharing The Stage With Another Mack 26668595